- Mirjana M., Mother of Student from Math 110 class in Spring 2012: 

"My son, Savo M. was student in your freshmen class and was part of your math presentation last week. I attended the presentation and had a wonderful time.
I wanted to say thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful event. It did wonders for the students self esteem. After all they are only freshmen as was said in the introduction!
Savo was very excited preparing this and took it very seriously.
Once again, thank you."

- Emily N.,  Student from Math 110 class in Spring 2012:

"Marty, Steve, and Janna,
I wanted to thank you for the semester. I really hate math and was dreading filling this requirement. It was such a shock and relief when I found out how interesting this class was going to be. And it really was. As Professor Braun said, I can't believe I actually was smiling through my math class! The presentations went wonderfully last night. I was so embarrassed by my flub but I'll get over it lol and (unfortunately) I'm sure it will become a good story for you to tell your next class... I really enjoyed the class and just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be part of this experience.

Best Wishes,
Emily N"

Susan R., Student from Math 110 class in Spring 2011:

"Once I was in grad school I went to several interviews and brought my project from the math 110 class as a sample of the work I had done. Everyone I interviewed with told me they were really impressed by the project and thought it was really interesting. It was a great way for me to impress the interviewers by talking about some really amazing work I had done."