Student Final Reports

Students who complete the course leave with a professional report of their work.  This helps them differentiate themselves from other applicants in the job market as they go into the private or public sector or as they move on to higher education. 

Name of Project

Fall 2012

Instructors: Dr. Martin Braun; Janna Kaminskaia, MBA; Steve Onufrey

  • Bagels - Love those bagels? See what moves other people to get the delicious bagel breakfast
  • eBook - To read or not to read... Certainly read! But what's the best format of the book? May be e-book, may be not - find out what appeals to modern readers!
  • Fitness Club - Hit the gym - get healthy...Not convinced yet? Read what motivates people to join gym
  • Natural Market - Eating healthy gets so much easier with natural markets. Find out what they offer
  • Organic Yogurt - Learn what features of organic yogurt appeal most to customers
  • Paperbooks - Discover whether paper books still appeal to modern readers
  • Sportswear - Are looks important when exercising? Or comfort? Or fit? See what sportswear gets people moving

Spring 2012     

Instructors: Dr. Martin Braun; Janna Kaminskaia, MBA; Steve Onufrey

  • Airlines - Find out what matters the most to business travelers vs. leisure travelers
  • Cruiseline - Learn what attracts adventurers and bargain-seekers in a cruise vacation
  • Dating Website - Did you think all on-line daters are the same? Think again!
  • Entertainment - Do you know how to make your party a success? We do!
  • Magazine Subscriptions - Helping magazines to stay in business by attracting subscribers
  • Relaxation - Relax.... And see what people are looking for in a relaxation beverage
  • Say No to Drugs - Ever wondered what makes people say no to drugs?

Fall 2011

Instructors: Dr. Martin Braun; Janna Kaminskaia, MBA; Steve Onufrey
  • Banquet Hall - See how banquet hall owners can boost their business
  • Chocolate - Learn how can chocolate manufacturers charm customers into buying their products
  • Gym Membership - Find out how to encourage people to join gym
  • Movie Theater: part 1, part 2 - Types of people who go to the movies and what attracts them
  • Musical Performers - How to cater to different preferences of concert goers
  • Steakhouse - How to attract ambiance-seekers, food-lovers and socialites to your steakhouse?

Instructors: Dr. Sue Henderson; Janna Kaminskaia, MBA; Steve Onufrey
  • Baseball - Increasing a fan base for a new baseball team
  • Cars - You think car salesman know it all about their customers? See how they can do a better job!
  • Computer - What computer features are the most appealing to people? Hint: It's a tricky question!
  • Movies - How to fill out movie theaters?
  • Music CD - How to stop illegal music downloads and increase sales of CD's?
  • Social Networks - Creating a social networking website - see what potential members are looking for
  • Vacation - Attract vacationers to your resort with these messages!

Spring 2011

Instructors: Dr. Martin Braun; Janna Kaminskaia, MBA; Steve Onufrey

  • Coffee Package - What catches an eye of a customer looking to buy a package of coffee?
  • Disney - What draws people to buying a theme park vacation?
  • Mobile Phone - See what motivates people to chose a mobile service provider?
  • Museum - Is it a prestige of the museum or guided tours offered that fill out museums?
  • Retail - Are you a convenience shopper or a bargain shopper? Learn what makes us shop!
  • Stadium - Who goes to stadiums to see live games besides true fans? We know who they are and what attracts them!
  • Voting - Who are US voters and what moves them to exercise their right to vote?


Summer Internships Reports

SemesterName of Project
Summer 2011