Mind Genomics ® / Addressable Minds ® is taught in selective three credit Math 110 classes at Queens College. Students are taught the mathematics embodied in the science, and perform research projects on topics of their interest. Students who complete the course leave with a professional report of their work.  This helps them differentiate themselves from other applicants in the job market as they go into the private or public sector or as they move on to higher education.

This is what students learn and what sets this course apart from traditional classes taught in colleges:

  • Collaborative learning - working in teams
  • Critical thinking and competitive analysis of products/services. Doing on-line research of a topic (product or service) and picking out relevant ideas from all sources, including competitors, on a given task (critical thinking and competitive analysis of products/services)
  • Business writing - conveying ideas in writing using short, precise manner
  • Using major business software - Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Critical thinking - analyzing results of their studies and segmenting the population based on people’s mind-sets
  • Creating a presentation laying out the process and results of work done
  • Public speaking - presenting project findings in front of the audience

Please click on links below to view the projects that our students have produced.

A word from ICE at QC Chairman Dr. Howard Moskowitz - click to see a video.