The Institute for Competitive Excellence at Queens College, CUNY was established in 2010 to bring a new level of pedagogy to undergraduate studies at the College and University level. The Institute is an integration of Academia, Science and Business. The Institute’s goal to provide practical education to students that is immediately usable by students upon graduation in both the private and public sectors, for both profit and non-profit entities.

At the heart of the Institute is Mind Genomics®, an International award winning science that uncovers individual human preferences for a product, service or idea even when the person cannot articulate that preference. This science identifies clusters of like-minded individuals called Addressable Minds®.

The Institute has three divisions – Education, Consulting and Research. In the area of Education, Mind Genomics® is taught in selective three credit Math 110 classes. Students are taught the mathematics embodied in the science, and perform research projects on student selected topics with live participants identifying Addressable Minds® segments. Students who complete the course leave with a professional report on their work that can be used to differentiate themselves from prospective applicants in the job market as they go into the private or public sector or as they move on to higher education. The Consulting division consists of combined team of interns and professionals who perform research for clients using Mind Genomics®. The Research division performs analysis of key social and business issues in conjunction with subject matter experts in the field being studied.

Currently there are Satellite extensions of Queens College Institute for Competitive Excellence being developed, both domestically and internationally.